GameFly Digital Downloads Beta Preview and Beta Codes

I figured out how to get some beta codes for the new GameFly Digital Download benefit. It just went into beta on 9/8/11. On the off chance that you need in you can go to that page and demand your own welcome. Or on the other hand you can make an inquiry or two on Twitter as I did. I got my codes from theatremonkey. Much obliged man!

Anyway, here’s a speedy review of the administration and I’m giving without end a couple of the additional codes that I got from theatremonkey.

To utilize the administration you need a current Game record or you can agree to accept a free record. This is the underlying sprinkle screen that is shown when you sign into the administration. You have your typical route hazy area to one side. There’s a slideshow shown at the highest point of the page. You have a newsfeed at the base, which originates from Shacknews. To one side of that feed seems, by all accounts, to be a long range interpersonal communication feed that is “just around the corner”.


Choosing the “News” interface in the route board essentially stacks a bigger perspective of the Shacknews newsfeed.

Next segment of the nav board is the GAMES submenu. You can choose PC, All Systems or All Games. In the event that you select All frameworks you will have the capacity to see the diversions accessible for PC or consoles. For this situation I added PC to “My Systems”. When you do that you get an alternate route to that specific framework in your GAMES submenu. So if I somehow managed to include “Wii” to My frameworks I would see PC and Wii interfaces in my GAMES submenu.

I chose the PC symbol and you will have the capacity to peruse the PC amusements accessible for procurement (and possibly lease later on). At the present time the vast majority of the diversions are N/A (Not Available). The library of diversions is exceptionally constrained right now yet they should include significantly more recreations.

In the GAMEFLY submenu I chose the “Boundless PC Play” connection and you get a perspective of a virtual bookshelf of amusements. All GameFly endorsers gain admittance to these boundless play PC recreations. You can download them to your nearby machine and play to your souls content. The determination is restricted yet there’s some great ones in here. Holy people Row 2, Splinter Cell, Hector, and so on. I’m certain it’ll get greater.

You can include your own bookshelves and modify the look and feel of them too. You can modify the diversions to. This helps me to remember Windows 95 or something. When you had that virtual bookshelf of programming. Anybody hear what I’m saying?

beta gamefly

This is the “Downloading… ” interface from the MY COLLECTIONS submenu. Looks precisely like the Steam download screen. That connection name is somewhat beguiling the first occasion when you see it however. It’s relatively similar to you’re anticipating that another menu thing should stack there. Likewise it wasn’t exceptionally natural to me at first however you can look for things by choosing the small amplifying glass symbol. On the off chance that you go to the amusements menu, you won’t have any choice to look. You need to choose that amplifying glass symbol.

When you select the “Support” catch. To start with thing I saw is that D2D clients are not the same as GameFly clients. The help page is the same however login frameworks are extraordinary. So I don’t know whether you’ll have the capacity to get to your D2D buys on the GameFly benefit. Perhaps, they’ll include an import choice later?

At present, two recreations are marked down as PC computerized downloads. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime for $7.99 (20% off) and RIFT Standard Edition for $19.99 (half off). To start with amusement I’ve heard is terrible and you can get the CE form of RIFT at GMG at a similar cost on the off chance that you utilize their 20% off voucher code.

This is the thing that you see when you tap on the page for the invidual recreations.

By and large, the product functions admirably and it doesn’t feel excessively enlarged. The first occasion when you utilize it, everything loads up somewhat moderate yet it’s really fast after that. It’s integrated with their GameFly benefit extremely well, so it’s incredible on the off chance that you PC amusement yet in addition support diversion. I don’t have a GameFly account yet I imagine that “Q” symbol on the GAMEFLY submenu is the place you would click in the event that you needed to refresh your GameQ. That is the place you select the recreations you need to be delivered to you when they wind up accessible for lease.

Here are three GameFly Beta Codes on the off chance that you need to test the administration yourself. They are one-time utilize. It would most likely be better in the event that you were a GameFly part or plan on agreeing to accept GameFly. Simply because their arrangements appear to be quite standard up until this point. You’d be better of obtaining from D2D, Steam, and so forth. Yet, with a GameFly account, you’d have the Unlimited PC Play get to.