Amazon Free Game Today: Delicious – Emily’s Taste of Fame time management game

Amazon’s free game today is part of a series of games called Delicious published by Real Networks. This member of the Delicious series, called Emily’s Taste of Fame, has your main character, Emily, waitressing in a small cafe that can get pretty busy for being in a small town.

This is basically a time management game where you’ll have to take peoples orders and deliver them their food, coffee, snacks and anything else that they can purchase in the cafe you are stuck being a waitress at. She isn’t doing this because she wants to though. She needs to make money up to get her car repaired so she can get home. She doesn’t just serve in a cafe though but in various locations around the small town she is currently stuck in.

  • Features:
  • Enjoy fun animated graphics
  • Choose from 3 modes of difficulty
  • Take on 50 levels and earn up to 18 different trophies
  • You also have to be careful you don’t drop orders or anything like that while trying to not fall behind. There are plenty of achievements and trophies to earn such as one for not breaking a single egg in a day which, if they have a trophy for that, seems like it would be difficult to do.

    This is free today on the Amazon App Store but if you happen to miss out on this interesting little time management game for free then you will have to pay the regular price of $2.99 to download it off the Amazon App store or the Android Market. On the Android Market though it is published under the developer’s name, GameHouse.

    The Advantages Of Having An On-line Job


    Regardless of whether we need it or not but rather we live on the planet where it is amazingly hard to manage without cash. That is the reason everybody is attempting to discover some activity that will be very fascinating and that will present to you an expansive and stable pay. Cash is a standout amongst the most basic things throughout our life and it is to a great degree hard to adapt to specific errands in the event that you have no cash. That is the reason each individual is attempting his best keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish something and to complete cash for the work.

    These days numerous individuals get specialized curriculum in the most world class and renowned instructive foundations and get different degrees. Also, there are numerous individuals that appear to exceptionally dedicated and able however when the begin to work in the workplace they just move toward becoming dolls and they need to cone through numerous distressing circumstances. Every one of these occupations in the workplace for the most part require exceptional information and expert abilities and you ought to have enough learning and involvement with a specific end goal to be effective. Besides, you need to spend a great deal of endeavors and costs to locate the most appropriate work and to arrive. With a specific end goal to play out this errand it is important to invest a great deal of energy in making effective resumes and different archives. In any case, it might even now not encourage you and these days numerous individuals essentially can not locate the coveted activity.

    Be that as it may, numerous jobseekers want to utilize a worldwide system Internet so as to discover an occupation. It is by all accounts very more helpful for some, individuals to work at home. The fundamental necessities so as to have such a vocation are to have a PC or a workstation and you ought to likewise have an entrance to the Internet. In the event that you figure out how to have a quick speed of the Internet this reality will help you a considerable measure and you will have the capacity to work in a more advantageous and quick way.

    Working at home has an extraordinary rundown of focal points and other positive perspectives. You can basically make your own work routine and you can pick the most reasonable time for you to work and to unwind. Also, you can pick yourself when it is better for you to wake up and what hours are more positive for you keeping in mind the end goal to work in a more profitable manner. Plus, in the event that you choose to work at home then you will have all the more extra time and you will have the capacity to spend it on some more imperative things. You can likewise invest more energy with your family and you can meet with your companions. Working at home has certain points of interest that can help a ton so as to improve your life and to make it more agreeable.

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